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Shock pulse tester, Model T2000, is small portable diagnostic tool for condition analysis of rotating machinery. This device from SPM Instrument India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, is an all-in-one instrument that can analyse bearing condition, measure machine vibration, and check rotational speed. A unique patented measuring technique called Shock Pulse method is employed. Using this technology, the instrument gives a direct indication of the bearing condition on a green/yellow/red scale. The instrument makes vibration severity measurements according to ISO recommendations, providing valuable information about unbalance, misalignment, looseness and other problems. It can also measure speeds up to 20000 rpm (both contact and non-contact). The instrument has five simple function keys. It has three inputs and is supplied with three types of transducers. It switches from a shock pulse meter to a vibration meter by just the touch of a key, and becomes a tachometer when the corresponding probe is connected.

SPM Instrument India Pvt Ltd