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Drycool Systems India offers a Semi Hermetic Chiller. Drycool industrial air cooled chillers are manufactured with sturdy and reliable semi hermetic compressors from Carrier and Copeland. These chillers are fully microprocessor based suitable for process cooling applications from (+)20°C up to (-)15°C. For lower temperatures of up to (-)50°C, brine chillers are used. These semi hermetic chillers are offered with multiple semi hermetic compressors in one machine but having separate and individual refrigeration circuits. These chillers are world class, manufactured in a ISO 9001 certified factory with an option of using CFC free refrigerants r-407c and r-134a, complete with in-built process pump and stainless steel chilled water expansion tank. These chillers are also rated for an ambient of up to (+)50°C. The various operating voltages of these chillers, available in different models, are: a) 380/400 V AC/50 Hz, b) 460 V AC/50 Hz, c) 380 V AC/60 Hz, d) 460 V AC/60 Hz.

Drycool Systems India Pvt. Ltd.