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Elgi Equipments has introduced a new Global Series Screw Air Compressors in the 11-22 kW power range. Featuring a compact footprint and producing a noise level of no more than 68±3 dBA, these are the most silent machines in the market. The new direct drive compressors have a low operating speed, wh...

Elgi Equipments Ltd

ELGI is today, the market leader and Asia's largest manufacturer of air compressors and automobile service station equipment.

ELGI's products are used in a wide range of applications in areas ranging from mining, transport, pharmaceuticals, power, oil, railways, chemicals, textiles, printing to ship building, paper, electronics, telecommunications, medical, food & beverages and plastics.

In fact, starting from the paint on your wall to the car you drive, from the medicines you take to the leather bag you carry, ELGI's products have been used either in their production, maintenance or usage.