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Mipox Abrasives India Pvt. Ltd. offer high grade quality Sanding Paper used in Automotive, Wood and various other industries. It provides smooth and level surface to the metals. They have a range of Sanding paper that is available in both dry and wet types including Velcro & PSA backings. The compan...

Mipox Abrasives India Pvt. Ltd (Manufacturer)

Mipox Abrasives India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Nihon Micro Coating Co. Ltd.and is incorporated on 20th July 2012 having its Head Office in Bangalore. Nihon Micro Coating Co. Ltd. is well-recognized Japanese organization dealing all over the world under the brand name MIPOX. Incorporated in 1925, since its inception it is involved in the exploration of wide range of polishing and finishing products broadly used in various industries. Ours is a team of dedicated employees that possesses the skills of manufacturing, which is headed by our knowledgeable CEO, Mr. Jun Watanabe. MIPOX, its established brand in the market is famous for providing advanced products for precision polishing.