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TRF Limited manufactures Rotary Plough Feeders that provide a convenient means of extracting raw materials from longitudinal slot bunkers and delivering it to a reclaim belt conveyor running underneath. A rotary plough feeder is a heavy-duty machine used to reclaim stored bulk materials. The feeder is designed to operate in a tunnel beneath a storage pile. A slot opening, running along the length of the tunnel, allows the stored material to flow on to a protruding reclaim shelf. The stored material is prevented from flowing over the edge of the reclaim shelf by designing the shelf to intercept the angle of repose. The plough feeder consists of a paddle wheel, called “rotor”, having six curved arms revolving on a vertical axis that sweep the stored material from the shelf on to a belt conveyor. The plough mechanism is transported onto a heavy duty self propelled wheeled frame, called “carriage” that travels on rails mounted either on a canopy of the bunker or on the beams supported on the floor of the tunnel. The plough feeder can be continuously traversed or positioned at any point along the reclaim shelf for maximum flexibility. The speed of the rotor is adjustable so that the reclaim capacity can be controlled to meet the capacity requirement. The self propelled carriage enables the rotary plough feeder to reclaim materials every along the entire length of the bunker. The output capacity of the rotary plough feeder is controlled by varying the rotor speed. This can be accomplished by variable speed drives to meet any specific requirement. Variable speed drive can be electro mechanical like eddy current drive, frequency controller or hydraulic drive. The machine can have local and remote control arrangement or both for operation. Types of rotary plough feeder: A) Single plough with single reclaim shelf – where low capacities are required, carriage moves on rails supported on the tunnel floor, and B) Single plough with double reclaim shelves – where high capacities are required, carriage moves on rails supported on the tunnel floor.

TRF Limited