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Silicon Power Electronics is a leading manufacturer of diodes, thyristor, bridge rectifiers, thyristor modules, power zener diodes and stack assemblies. The company offers a range of Rectifiers for Welding Machines with various options, specifically to be used in welding machines each having distinct advantages. Rectifier assemblies are available from 200 A using individual diode configuration or controlled rectifiers using discrete thyristor combination. The company supplies stacks with diode or thyristor module combinations with various current ranges. It has introduced thyristor-thyristor modules from 300 A to 550 A with in-built water-cooling. Since the bottom plate is provided with water cooling, it ensures better cooling than traditional method and additional heat sink is not required, considerably reducing the size and cost. The company has developed rectifiers (with 450 A and 600 A output) using auto-diodes mounted on aluminium plates with MOV for voltage protection and thermostat for cut-off. These are cost effective and easy to use. Water-cooled assembly types using capsule thyristor are also available. The company can also supply individual metal diodes and thyristors for current range up to 600 A.

Silicon Power Electronics