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Pipe Agencies offers PVC Coated Polyester Fabric Hose. These are light delivery lines for dust collection, welding fumes, etc., especially for places where super flexibility is required; and mostly preferred as a viable alternative to China bale plucker in textile industry. Temperature range – 0°C to 100°C; and size range – 50 mm ID to 300 mm ID. Pipe Agencies is an importer, exporter and OEM supplier of flexible hoses since 1990 catering to the bulk needs of textile machinery manufacturers, spinning mills, plastic processing industries (injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, vacuum hopper loaders and dryers), tea processors, blow rooms, wood working and furniture, abrasive industries, ceramic, printing, ventilation, air conditioning plants, automotive and engineering industries, chemical industries, food and pharmaceutical, smoke and fume extraction. Strong and balanced all India network of dealers/suppliers/direct users and also excellent knowledge in product design and applications coupled with huge inventory and speedy supplies within hours supported by after sales service is the company’s USP.

Pipe Agencies