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Allcut India offers Portable Magnetic Drilling Machine. This portable magnetic base drilling machine weight of only 28 Kgs and has 60 mm diameter drilling capacity and it requires only single-phase 220 volt power supply. It require minimum 5 HP 440 volt 3 phase power consumption for making this heavier hole 2000 kg weight of machine. It is ideal for heavy steel construction and big job of drilling. The machine cuts with broach cutter and it cuts only a border and saves inside material. There for its three to four time faster than twist drill. The cutter is attached to the machine, which runs in needle bearing guide for accurate holes with high surface finish. Broach cut with 6 to 8 cutting edge than cutting is too smooth. An auto cooling systems is provided for long and safe life of broach. This machine is provided with 2 speed and is available with safety overload clutch. Two pole electro magnetic base is provided for quick and perfect clamping on all jobs for making up to 60 mm diameter and 75 mm deep holes without pilot drilling in single pass.

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