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Novelty Impex is one of the biggest manufacturers mechanical seals in India. It is a professional manufacturer and exporter of polyurethane engineering components hydraulic and pneumatic oil seals, PU piston seals, PU rod seals, PU wiper (scrapper DA 17 and DA 22), PU chevron packing seal kits, PU DAS compact seal kits, PU metal bended wiper seals, PU cords, PU tubes, rollers and profiles, PU sheets, rods, bushes, pads, bars; PU 'O' rings, cup washers, PU coupling elements (models Lovejoy, Rotex and HRC), PTFE step and glyd seal, PTFE (Teflon) strips (bronze, carbon and graphite filled) textile machinery parts, compressor parts. Polyurethane possesses the following properties: high mechanical strength; good wear resistance; good flexibility; operating temperature range – -30°C to 80° C; and high load types up to more than +100°C. The company’s main motto is to give: quality, accuracy, finishing, reliability, durability and guarantee.

Novelty Impex