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NGL Cleaning Technology SA, a Swiss company, offers GALVEX 18.01, a new product without NTA used to remove polishing compounds and oil residues on all kind of metals. The characteristics of this new formulation have been asked by the most famous international companies specialised in polishing: fast cleaning; to ensure a bright finish surface; excellent rinsability; and no spot after hot air drying. The samples with a high cost of value are cleaned with GALVEX 18.01, the product No. 1 to obtain the best results worldwide. NGL was created in 1979. In 1985, it was the first company in the world to launch a process for cleaning in an aqueous medium, which incorporated hot-air drying and replaced chlorinated solvents. Since then, the company has flourished, currently totalling 26 members of staff and manufacturing and commercialising 900 tonnes of specialised products. By pursuing environmental protection through ongoing research into ecological products whilst focusing on developing high-performance formulations, adapted to specific requirements, NGL aims to maintain its position as leader in the field of cleaning and wastewater treatment. Pioneering equipment in the laboratory and highly-skilled team-players in the departments concerned are the key to fulfilling current steps and reaching new milestones and also provide the opportunity to explore innovational technologies and, as such, to plan for tomorrow.

NGL Cleaning Technology SA