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Sidvin Core Tech offers Plant Engineering Services. This company has been in the forefront of recognising and understanding the relevance, cost, benefits, justification matrix, strategic planning and drawbacks of work processes/ stages involved in the project, since they are of critical importance and these are best followed practices for successful completion of any project. Sidvin, as a customer focused engineering service provider has been delivering exacting solutions through its innovative, unleashing methodologies, strategies and through continuous technology up-gradation backed by its rich domain experience, dynamic dedicated team of professionals. The company is a leader in providing knowledge based solutions and services for process plant design and engineering. It delivers the best possible plant design, towards achieving reduced design time and project cost and increased engineering productivity by adopting comprehensive Computer Aided Design (CAD), Engineering (CAE) and Project Automation (CAPA) tools to the global requirements of all process and manufacturing units including plant owners, designers, consultants, turnkey contractors, etc.

Sidvin Core-Tech (I) Pvt. Ltd.