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Sidvin Core Tech offers Plant Engineering Services. This company has been in the forefront of recognising and understanding the relevance, cost, benefits, justification matrix, strategic planning and drawbacks of work processes/ stages involved in the project, since they are of critical importance a...

Sidvin Core-Tech (I) Pvt Ltd

Sidvin Core-Tech (I) Pvt. Ltd. started in July 2000 Sidvin has grown from its humble team of 5 technology oriented founders to over 100 employees today. Sidvin started predominantly as a Piping Engineering Organisation, which was among the few privately held Indian organisations to adopt PDMS as a tool for delivering Piping Design solutions to its clients. The initial Vision being a leading Plant Engineering Service partner and CADD service provider has since manifested itself to today the dream of being one of the leading EPC players in the country to be the goal.