Motor Protection Device

Model ID

  • PMD-01

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Product Profile

EAPL manufactures Motor Protection Device, which operation mode can be set to auto/manual. It can also monitor phase sequence, phase failure, phase unbalance & under voltage in three-phase system and it trips under such conditions....

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Supply Voltage:  440V AC , 3 Phase. 
  • Operating Voltage Range: -30% to 20% of rated Voltage.
  • Control Output: 1 C/O rated for 5A@250V AC/28V DC resistive load.
  • Recovery Time: 100m sec minimum.
  • Rated Frequency of operation: 1800 ± 5% Operations per hour maximum.
  • Ambient temperature Operating: - 10° C to + 55° C.
  • Storage : - 25° C to + 80° C 
  • Humidity: maximum 85% RH @ 40° C.

Electronic Automation Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

EAPL has turned gifted intitutions into systematic research, resulting in inventions that tick the heart of any industry.ISO 9001 standards,UL(US) certification & National award for the outstanding manufacturer has been achieved after covering the whole country and the presence was fellt in the global market.

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