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Komet India offers innovative solutions to improve production and reduce cost per components in the areas of precision drilling, roughing, semi-finish, fine boring, reaming and threading. The company also offers products of JEL Precision Tools, a group company. JEL is extending its, supply programme with `the new Tomill Cut modular thread milling cutter for use for control and fine thread from Ø20 mm, pitch 1.0 - 4.0 mm. Threads of this size can be used for example for eyes carrying heavy loads on steel components. The modular structure of the modular system with 4 basic holders and 4 thread milling heads guarantees high flexibility and in doing so makes even machining low quantities economical. With a maximum thread length of up to 96 mm the thread length, which could previously be achieved, has been doubled compared with solid carbide thread milling cutters.

Komet Precision Tools India Pvt. Ltd.