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Hypertherm has released two new systems, Powermax65 and Powermax85 that come with more torch options, industry-leading technological innovations, and a more rugged torch design for greater durability in harsh cutting environments. Four new torch options – an ergonomic 75 degree hand torch, a 15 degree hand torch for gouging and cutting in tight locations, a 15 inch full-length machine torch, and a 6 inch short barrelled machine torch for robotic and pipe-cutting applications – provide greater versatility. Operators can now easily cut metal that may have been hard to access in the past. In addition, the torches, which are part of Hypertherm’s new Duramax™ series, are up to five times more rugged and durable than before. A number of technological advances offer improved cut performance, reliability, and ease of use. Smart Sense™ technology boosts efficiency by automatically adjusting gas pressure to the cutting mode and torch length, while Spring Start™ technology in the electrode increases reliability by eliminating moving parts in the torch body. Despite the new features, the new systems are a third smaller and up to 20 per cent lighter than the systems they will replace in the Powermax lineup. The Powermax65 comes with a recommended ¾ inch (19mm) cut capacity and 1¼ inch (32 mm) severance rating, while the recommended cut capacity for the Powermax85 is 1 inch (25 mm) with a 1½ inch (38 mm) severance rating. The company designs and manufactures advanced metal cutting systems for use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair. Its product line includes handheld and mechanised plasma systems, plasma and laser consumables, as well as CNC motion and height controls and cutting software.

Hypertherm (India) Thermal Cutting Pvt. Ltd.