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The Dynascan illuminated magnifier Model MAG 1 claims to combine the best of mechanical construction with superb lighting and optical performances. The large diameter precision lens of 127 diameter is claimed to offer distortion-less, strain-free, binocular viewing. The circular fluorescent tube has been intended for offering glare free cold lighting daylight colour, its circular shape eliminating shadows from the objects under inspection. The lens and lamp combine to form an inspection station claimed to be ideal for carrying out close visual inspection of fine assembly work on small components, circuits, etc. An additional parallel lens, which can be swiveled into position when, required areas of interest at high magnification. Intended application areas of this model are in industries like electronics, inspection of bare and assembled PCB's assembly of watches, precision machine tool industry, printing, finger printing, satellite photo interpretation, metallurgy, instrumentation, gems and jewellery, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastic industries, laboratories, drug and goods analysis, as well as for terrain survey.

ESAB India Limited