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Modison Metals offers Low Voltage Contact Parts. These are electrical contacts for electrical industry. These are the most reliable contact assemblies and contact tips made of silver and silver alloys like silver nickel, silver cadmium, silver cadmium oxide, silver graphite, silver tungsten, silver ...

Modison Metals Ltd

Modison founded in 1965, had only trading activity. The first manufacturing unit was established in 1975 for refining of Silver. Modison was instrumental in establishing '999' Good Delivery Silver Bars in India for bullion trading.

Within two years thereafter, Modison started producing Electrical Contacts and Contact Materials for the switchgear industry. From 1983 to 1996, Modison had Technical collaboration with DODUCO, Germany; which enabled Modison to develop many hi-tech products which were hitherto, imported by Indian Switchgear Industry.

Today, Modison has 3 manufacturing facilities strategically located at Mumbai, Vapi and Silvasa, which are run by more than 400 highly dedicated personnel. The product range includes large variety of electrical contact materials and finished contacts for LOW, MEDIUM & HIGH voltage switchgear industry.