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Manaco Energy Solutions offers Load Manager, PLM Series. This is a Krykard panel mounted load manager. Salient features: effectively replaces all analog meters and transducers - up to 71 parameters depending on the model - voltage, current, power, energy, demand, measured, accuracy maintained even on non-linear loads and fast-switching loads - high sampling rate and continuous cycle-by-cycle sampling on all 3 voltage and 3 current inputs; safe to use - fully isolated CT inputs for user and installation safety; rugged and designed to perform even under poor power quality conditions; wide measurement ranges starting from as low as 0.5% FS and high resolution display - can easily measure even small loads; modular design allows user to invest appropriately and add features in the future as and when required; high speed RS-485 port with Modbus RTU protocol for communication with PC/PLCs; and pulse outputs for PLC integration as standard feature for most models.

Manaco Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.