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Shivang Furnaces and Ovens offers a vast range of Furnace and Kilns. Each plant is individually designed to meet the specific requirements, related to process of the customer, fuel, method of job handling, safety requirements, through output, etc. Area of applications: high/low temperature tempering...

Shivang Furnaces and Ovens Pvt. Ltd.

SHIVANG FURNACES AND OVENS PVT. LTD. are manufacturers of various types of Furnaces and Ovens for various applications like Pre-heating, Sintering, Hardening, Annealing, Biscuiting, Glazing etc for various industries like Ceramics, Chemicals, Metal moulding and treatments. We are proud to inform you that, we are also manufacturing CREMATION FURNACES for cremating human dead bodies and HOSPITAL INCINERATORS. We also undertake repairs, retrofitting and conversion jobs for furnaces as well as Ovens. We hope, we can join hands for conversions of various ovens like powder coating, paint curing, chemical drying, teflon coating and sintering, vegetable dehydrating, etc., from electrical to gas fired.