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Electrotherm (India) has acquired world-wide recognition to design, develop and manufacture state-of-the-art Induction Melting Systems. The company offers medium frequency solid-state power supply units from 5 kW to 12000 kW catering to the needs of steel industry, foundries and heat-treatment industry. The medium frequency power supply unit consists of 6-/12-/24-pulse, DC choke, current fed inverter, capacitor bank, furnace selector switches and DM water circulation unit. Compact and yet spacious layout of converter and inverter assembly facilitates ease of maintenance. 12- and 24-pulse rectifiers reduce total harmonic distortion and act as fast electronic tripping devices protecting power components. Break-over-diode provides additional safety to inverter thyristors. The current fed inverter has the highest efficiency, as current through the thyristor is very low. It uses less variety and numbers of power components ensuring long life of components, easy maintenance and low down time. The controlled rectifier acts as fast tripping electronic device for maximum safety of components in case of short circuit. DC chock with high speed control circuits facilitates accurate power control at any desired level. Special attributes: highest efficiency of power supply unit up to 97%; full power from start to end; designed for fastest melting at lowest cost minimum power component design; best quality and liberally rated components; reliable multiple protection; efficient and reliable closed-loop DM water cooling system; earth leakage protection for operator safety; built-in test facility; safe and convenient layout; operates under wide voltage fluctuation; power factor up to 0.98; less and easy maintenance; and suitable for operation with captive power generator. Optional: PLC based control with touch screen MMI; ramp-up and ramp-down to avoid sudden loading/unloading of power supply unit; auto sintering; energy optimisation; and facility to interface with computer for remote monitoring, operation and data storage.

Electrotherm (India) Ltd.