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Bipolar Inductronics offers Induction Heating Machines. It is portable. Its salient features are: safety, quick heating, saves electricity and 24 hours working. Characteristics: 220V 1/3 Phase Input, Power Saving 70%; Heating Speed Super Fast; Heating Time & Keep Warm are adjustable; 24 hours continuous working is possible; easy operation & totally safe. It is suitable for: forging of billet, bar; carbon tungsten knife/ tool clamp jig heating; metal high frequency hardening/ annealing; powder metallurgy and metal heat treatment; metal silver soldering and brazing; small work piece (i.e. gear, shaft) hardening; partial annealing or continuous annealing; suited for jobs such as connecting rod, ball joints, engine valves, cranks, hand tools, lathe beds, beds of machine tools, gears, teeth hardening of gears, brazing of pressure pipes and radiator pipes etc. Capacities suited for various types of jobs with numerous functions such as induction hardening, brazing, soldering, annealing, forging and tampering. Its Dimensions: 180 x 330 x 410 mm; Weight: 16 kgs, 18 kgs.

Bipolar Inductronics