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Electrotherm offers an Induction Furnace Coil. This is a sparkless induction furnace coil, insulated with special thermal insulation and sufficient inter-turn gaping is specially made for sponge iron plant and dustry atmosphere. Optimum inter-turn spacing is maintained by FRP post between the turns. The top and bottom stainless steel/copper cooling coils maintain uniform temperature gradient through out the refractory, prevent over heating and enhance refractory life. Thick faraday shield prevents stray losses and directs energy in the change. Specially designed curved magnetic shunts cover around 80% of coil periphery, which minimises stray loss and improve efficiency besides providing rigidity to coil cradle assembly. Bottom ring: the bottom refractory blocks are made out of refractory cement and high alumina blocks, which give longer life than the bottom made out of only castable material. Top ring: the top refractory blocks are made out of sintered castable refractory with stainless steel fibre for reinforcement and bolted with the top ring for easy dismantling of top block without breaking.

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