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Jacktech Hydraulics, an ISO 9001: 2000 company, offers a total range of Hydraulic Gear Pumps. The company manufactures various types of valves, pumps, filters and clamps, and their accessories. Various other models include: Group-OP, Group-1P, Group-2P, Group-3P, Tandem OP-OP, Tandem 1P-1P, Tandem 2P-2P, Tandem 2P-1P, and Tandem 3P-3P. Brief specifications: theoretical displacement – 1.23 cm3/rev; normal delivery at 1500 RPM – 1.2 LPM; maximum pressure – 3000 psi, 210 bar; speed at maximum continuous pressure – 4000 max, 500 min; and dimensions – X 76.2, Y 38.4. Jacktech Hydraulics is a major player in the hydraulics market for projects, hydraulic machinery and accessories. The company strongly believes in quality control at each and every stage of operations, leadership in technology and total customer satisfaction. They keep full range of all the hydraulic accessories with 100% satisfied quality, material, prices and stock.

Jacktech Hydraulics