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Hydraulic copy turning attachments for lathe machines are available at present in two models with manual or automatic cycle. More models will be introduced soon. These attachments can be mounted normally on the rear of the cross slide of a lathe machine, and optionally can be made suitable for front mounting as well. No skilled operator is required as operation is quite easy. Repetitive accuracy is ±0.025 when attachment is mounted on good lathe machine and used under ideal working conditions. Inspection time is reduced considerably as it is not necessary to check each and every component. Depending on profile production is increased substantially in comparison with normal lathe operation.

Optional accessories:
  • Flat template holder
  • Electrical control for forward retraction and finish cut
  • Automatic control for complete system including longitudinal feed with or without longitudinal slide
Standard accessories:
  • Copying slide with tool box, stylus, copying valve, swivel base
  • Master holding arrangement for round master
  • Hydraulic power pack with hose pipes
  • Hardened and ground slide
  • Quick change type hardened and ground tool box with tool holder
  • In-built lubrication system
  • Single lever control for forward, retraction and finish cut operation
  • Standard master holding arrangement for round master
  • Compact power pack
  • In-built finish cut system up to 1.5 mm

Ravik Engineers Private Limited