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  • Hy Fog

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Hy Fog Humidifier is the alternative to the conventional air-cooling and humidification systems used in industries like textiles, agriculture, livestock and others. This humidifier utilizes a centrifugal airflow fan and a spinning atomization disc to produce a finely atomized mist of water for humid...

Technical Specifications

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Air Volume 5880 cubic meter./hr
Area Coverage 200 ~ 275 sq. meters
Evaporation Capacity 20 ~ 48 liters./hr
Range Throw 20 ~ 25 meters
Power/Frequency/Phase 230 Volts/50 Hz./Single Phase
Power Consumption (Ventilator) 210 W
(Vent. + Disc/Pump) 430 W
Speed at 50hz (ventilator) 1650 RPM
Speed at 50hz (Disc) 3400 RPM
Supply Water Pressure Minimum 1 and Maximum 6 bar
Packing Boxes 1 Carton
Standard Packing Material Corrugated Box
Packing Dimensions [27 x 27 x 23 inches] x 1 Carton
Packed Weight 33 Kgs

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