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Electronica, a Pune based group of companies that started in 1973 with the first indigenous Electric Discharge Machine, is today known for EDMs, CNC wirecut EDMs, plastic injection moulding machines, DROs, height masters, carbide toolings, sheet metal fabrication and machine tools. In the year 2007 Electronica Hitech Engineering Private Limited (FabTech Division) – a group company of Electronica, entered into the exclusive tie up with Finn-Power of Finland for providing after sales service and selling their state-of-the-art crimping machines in India.

Since then, the company has penetrated the all India market and put the Finn Power Machines in places like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Hyderabad, Jamshedpur, Bangalore, etc.

Lillbacka Powerco Oy was originally formed in 1969. Hydraulic hose crimping and cutting machines were the first products manufactured by the company under the trade name Finn-Power. Each year Lillbacka Powerco Oy manufactures thousands of portable, benchtop and production model crimping machines, as well as hose cutting and nut crimping machines. Approximately 95% of Powerco's production is exported through an international distributor network to more than 60 countries from the company's factory in Finland.

Today Finn-Power holds 60% market share worldwide.

Finn Power is known for its features studded machines, which give additional value to products and high productivity. The company is present in India since last 20 years and the Indian customers have appreciated Finn Power machines.

Apart from hose crimping machines, Finn Power is equally strong in nut crimping machines, cable crimping machines and hose cutting machines. The Finn Power range includes hand pump machines, battery operated machines, machines which operate on air pressure as well as electrical 1- and 3-phase machines.

Standard Crimping range of Finn Power crimping machines is from 10 mm to 320 mm, which varies from model to model. Minimum crimping can be done up to 4 mm with special dies. Finn-Power portable crimping machines are designed for various lines such as service line, general production, serial production, side feed machine, nut and cable crimping, etc.

The machine’s inside conical frame gives rigidity and assures quality. These machines do not require any foundation; auto nesting software is part of standard package. Finn Power hose cutting machines can cut hoses up to 2” efficiently.

Finn Power crimping machines are being used in various industries for various types of applications like exhaust systems, catalystors, air bag explosives, wires, sensors, insulators, fuel hoses, tubes and pipes, automotive hoses, bushing and air springs, fire hoses, to name a few.

Electronica engineers are trained in Finn Power factory in Finland and take care of machine commissioning, customer training and machine operation.

Electronica has stocked in India few fast moving machine models as well as necessary spare parts for quicker delivery. Model P32 is kept at the Electronica factory for Demo and customers can come and see the model as well as carry out some test crimping. Customers can really check the quality of the machine in the factory.

The growing number of Finn Power machines in India proves that the customers today are looking forward to quality machines with added advance features to boost productivity.

Electronica HiTech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.