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SEV Electrical Equipments offers High POT Test Kit. It is a real portable DC high pot test kit. Scope: suitable for high pot testing of HT cables, (as per IS 1255), switchgears, large electrical machines like alternators, motors, capacitors, etc., at site. Available models: SA20K10 - suitable for 11 kV system cables; SA40K10 - suitable for 22 kV system cables; and SA70K10 - suitable for 33 kV system cables. Operational voltage: 240 V 50 Hz 1 phase AC; output - "negative" potential HT "positive" potential at earth; positive features - designed and fabricated with "modular construction" philosophy using high insulation casing material like plexiglass; and enclosures - three "light weight" fibre glass casings having dimensional features to suit the transportation of equipments by motor car/train as "personal luggage". Available models (model-range): SA20K10 - 0-20 kV/10 mA; SA40K10 - 0-40 kV/10 mA; SA70K10 - 0-70 kV/10 mA. Additional auxiliaries (optional): thumper - 700 joules at 12 kV (approx) for model SA20K 10 only; slide wire bridge for fault location of cables; and cable fault detector (acoustic pick-up).

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