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Powertek Equipment Co manufactures a range of Helical Geared Motors. These Geared Motors are manufactured with output capacity ranging from 0.18 kW (0.25 HP) to 75 kW (100 HP) and speed from 0.1 to 700 RPM. The units are available in standard as well as custom built in horizontal foot and flange mounted type construction. Low speed geared motors are also offered on request. All parts/components are thoroughly inspected during and after manufacturing process. These are manufactured with quality grade materials. Sturdy, rigid, enclosed and oil tight construction of housing withstands varied applications with smooth working and facilitates easy maintenance. These helical geared motors are suitable for various applications to meet the requirements of different industries. The company also offers other products like hydraulic thruster brake/pawl, electro magnetic brakes, safety manual brakes and ratchet brakes, as per requirement. All electric motors are either slip ring or squirrel cage crane duty, depending on load and speed requirements.

Powertek Equipment Co.