Hand Held Welder

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  • H520/CV52

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Sonics’ 500-watt ultrasonic hand held welding systems are available for manual assembly operations, such as spot welding, staking and inserting. It is available in 20 and 40 kHz frequencies, these lightweight handguns features auto tuning, programmable timer or continuous duty modes and digital am...

D Sonics Toolings Pvt. Ltd.

D SONICS TOOLINGS PVT LTD incorporated in December 2003, offer our complete services for welding/joining requirements of plastic materials, thermoplastics to be exact to the industry by giving machines, toolings, application assistance and pilot lot production. We have also recently started offering classroom trainings coupled with lab training as well for the customers. The one day duration seminar provides complete information along with hands on training to utilize the maximum potential. Please call upon us for the details. The major customers in India we have been supplied are TAPS, ITW, Visteon, Pinnacle Industries, Laxmi Electrical Control Systems, Flamagas India, Wipro GE Medical Systems and Mutual Industries to name a few.