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Modern Automation & Robotic Systems (MARS) has developed a vacuum operated Glass Handling Manipulator with X-Y monorail system. The air operated lifting hoist can handle loads up to 200 kg. The lifting and lowering speed is very high and can be controlled by the operator while handling. The vacuum suction pads can be arranged as per the size of the glass panel by quick clamping system. The system does not require any electrical connection and is pneumatically interlocked. The system is designed such that even if the air supply is stopped, the vacuum does not break. The system can be easily installed on site by easy clamping and level setting device. The movement of the monorail is very smooth which reduces operator fatigue. The handling system is designed ergonomically and is made adjustable as per the operator’s convenience. MARS has developed the advanced version of handling systems with automated pick and place robots. The system can handle all type and form of materials at a very high speed. The systems have been successfully installed at several glass industries, sheet metal industries and many more.

Technocraft / Modern Automation & Robotic Systems(MARS)