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Tefkot Cable Company offers Floor Heating Cables. Conventional heating systems are generally placed at one side of the room and from there they throw warm air. This warm air moves up and the col air comes down forming an air cycle; the hotter air is at the ceiling level and coldest is at the floor level. Most of the electrical energy is wasted in heating the unused area. Under floor heating system is nowadays the most effective and efficient heating system to heat a room. Heating electrical elements are laid under the floor or the carpet and are connected to power supply with a thermostatic control system. When electric current is switched on, the elements are heated and warm the floor. The heated floor heats all the room by radiation. The advantage is that lower level of room is heated first and is kept at a controlled temperature. Heat rises from floor to ceiling, keeping the ceiling level at a lower temperature, thereby resulting in energy saving and also uniform heating at the floor level. The company offers under floor heating cables in various wattage ratings, ranging from 150 W to 3000 W, with or without shield. The cable is designed for operating voltage of 230 V AC/RMS but can also be designed and manufactured for other voltage ratings.
  • Under floor
  • Under tile
  • Under carpet heating systems, etc
  • Free from aging – PTFE insulation over the conductor element prevents it from thermal aging, life of the wire is as long as life of the building
  • Maintenance free – electrical under floor heating cables are maintenance free as they do not have any moving part as compared to hydronic systems which have valves, etc., requiring maintenance from time to time
  • also tubes in hydronic system get blocked due to contamination and needs periodic replacement;
  • the cable is thinner in compression to cable made with other insulations like PVC, etc
  • moisture resistant – shielded PTFE insulated heating cables are specially designed for working in places that are prone to moisture, like bathrooms, etc
  • cost effective

Tefkot Cable Company