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Mine Line Pvt Ltd, now an Indo-European joint venture company, is one of the most established names in flameproof products. The company has today emerged as a leading manufacturer and exporter of flameproof mining equipment. These flameproof electricals are used in underground coal mines and are suitable for use in other hazardous atmospheres of II A & II B gases. Flameproof transwitch units up to 1000 kVA are available for the first time in India.
  • Primary voltages either 6600 V or 3300 V
  • It can be equipped with fully drawout vacuum circuit breakers on primary with own set of fault sensing relays
  • Secondary voltages at 1100 V or less
  • It can be equipped with individual circuit breakers up to 3 numbers with separate protection relays for direct connection to motor
  • Cable entry and outlet through cable couplers and adopters; and
  • Fully certified as per IS: 2148/04 from CMRI/ERTL and approved by DGMS

Mine Line Pvt Ltd