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Cable Carriers avoids under positions of cable/hoses and make a system to move in right direction. They are perfectly fitted by longer and shorter distance. Cable Carriers are non-corrosive, and resistance to heat. They operate within very wide range of temperature from -40°C to 130°C. Cable Carriers protect cables / hoses from dust, rust, liquid, particles and hot metal chips.


Wear Resistance Pulley:
Polished surface with accurate groove section helps to move on wire rope/iron wire very easily. No friction between wire rope and pulley. The radius should be matched with wire rope and pulley groove.

Heavy Duty Cover:
Designed as such to hold pulley perfectly and precise surface contact with wire rope. It moves very quickly. A great design parameters to prevent cover from damages by wire rope.

Cable Clamp:
A wide range of cable clamps as per cable diameter to hold cable perfectly and tight is available.

All fasteners are metal treated to avoid weather effect.

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