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Symphony manufactures Evaporative Air Coolers that can relieve from hot climate and also save the electricity bills. There are many types of air coolers available at Impco air coolers, Inc. where can choose an air cooler suiting to the requirements. A portable air cooler can be carried anywhere in the room and it has similar water holding capacity. The mobile evaporative coolers are small in size and big in performance. These mobile coolers are perfect for office, home, commercial spots like restaurants, outdoor dining places, resorts etc. The window coolers can cool any room in the home and gives an affordable solution to the heat problem. The company provide premium line of quality window coolers equipped with rigid media and remote control. The ducted air coolers are also known as residential air coolers and provide 3 degrees of cooler air. The residential coolers can suit the homes whereas there are also commercial grade air coolers available with them, which can help in cooling factories, warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, churches, schools, agricultural businesses and other applications. The varieties of industrial air coolers available with them are industrial blowers, industrial fan cooler and semi custom industrial cooler.

Symphony Limited