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The hand-kneadable Epoxy Putty is used for permanent emergency repairs. Yashwant Industrial Works offer variety of Epoxy Putty Sticks in co-extruded & A+B form with various working time i.e. Rapid Cure, Fast Cure, Normal Cure and Slow Cure. This putty is specially prepared to work with variet...

Yashwant Industrial Works Pvt Ltd

YASHWANT INDUSTRIAL WORKS PVT LTD, are manufacturing & supplying various Epoxy products to various countries as per customer requirement Leveraging its considerable skills and experience, Yashwant has also developed products that have been widely deployed.

We are manufacturer of Epoxy products, Cable jointing kits, Electrical Insulating Self Amalgamating tapes, Leak-proofing solutions and Sluice gates & Screens etc.