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TTL Ltd (a Havell"s Group Company) manufactures the complete range of energy meters, which provide precise, flawless and exact measurement of energy consumption. Havell"s is leader in single phase and three phase Ferraris KWH and electronic energy meters. Accurate and reliable energy measurement has assumed colossal importance due to augmentation in demand of electricity. High quality single-phase Ferraris meters are manufactured under a joint venture with Deutsche Zahlergesellschaft, Germany (DZG), at a new plant at Sahibabad. The company is planning to increase the number of automatic test benches and further automating the various manufacturing stages for the components, sub-assemblies and final assemblies. The plant is already fully air conditioned with dust free environment and state-of-art manufacturing facilities. Another plant, Duke Arnics Electronics Ltd, (Hyderabad), is one of the best-reputed manufacturers of LT and HT Trivector meters in the country. A rugged, well established and proven meter design ensures high quality, long life, trouble free, very accurate and reliable energy measurement that shall go a long way in improving the Utility-Consumer relationship, through reliable and genuine data for billing purposes.

Havells India Ltd.