EM fail safe brakes, type USB & UMB

EM fail safe brakes, type USB & UMB

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Unitorq Engineers offers electromagnetic Fail Safe Brake, Type USB and UMB (normally On). These are absolutely fail safe in nature, and find wide range of applications where emergency stop is required. When power fails or brake remains in engaged condition for longer periods of time, these brakes ar...

Unitorq Engineers Pvt Ltd

Unitorq Engineers Pvt. Ltd. / Electromatic Engineers engaged in the field of Industrial Power Transmission Products such as Brakes, Clutches, Clutch-Brake Combination, Torque Limiters, Torque Limiter Couplings and allied Motion Transmission Products since 1985.

To serve with latest technology and to provide best services for better productivity of customers, formed as a Group “UNITORQ” in 1997 to manufacture world class motion Transmission Products and supply them at Indian prices throughout the world . Working Standards, Quality Products, Customers Satisfaction and Support – results in we become a part of every reputed O.E.Ms., Industrial Auto Systems, Major Projects and Power sectors in India and almost in 18 countries abroad.