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Sineax PQ502
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Gossen-Metrawatt-Camille Bauer, Switzerland offers an unparalleled wide range of electrical transducers for all applications, manufactured with surface mount technology resulting in compact size and high reliability. All the electrical transducers are CE certified, having immunity against EMI/RFI and have high input-output electrical isolation of 4,000 V according to IEC 348. Sineax 1503/Sineax U504 are AC current and voltage transducers respectively, with a self-powered design without the need for separate auxiliary power supply resulting in lower wiring and installation costs. Other features of these transducers include: versions with 4-20 mA DC 2-wire output, fast response time, high accuracy and miniature (35 mm width) DIN rail mounted design. Sineax 1532 is an AC current transducer with Class I accuracy. Eurax U1505 in 19"Eurocard format can measure up to 3 sinusoidal current or voltage inputs. Multichannel design results in smaller sizes and lower costs. Sineax UIL508 is an AC current or AC voltage transducer with measuring range amplification at the beginning or at the end and other zero suppression or zero elevation versions. Sineax PQ502 measures active or reactive power in sine or distorted waveforms. Sineax PQ502 offers compact size (70 mm width) DIN rail mounted design, high accuracy and reliability, self-powered design. Sineax G507-31 is a phase angle transducer in sine or distorted wavefonns on nominal input currents and voltage signals with compact (70 mm width) DIN rail mounted design. Sineax G507-32 measures the phase angle difference of 2 synchronised power supplies. Sineax F506 measures frequency on sine or distorted waveforms of nominal input voltage.

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