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The HSI&8217;s line of dual motion actuators provide independent linear and rotary motion from a compact package. The actuators are based on unique, patent pending designs and incorporate HSI&8217;s proven motor technology. These units simplify product development by replacing what would other-wise be far more bulky and complex mechanisms. A limit-less number of operating parameters are offered allowing each device to be custom manufactured according to customer specific application requirements. These devices : can be run using a standard two-axis stepper motor driver. Performance can be enhanced using chopper and/or micro-stepping drives. MS Series actuators are based on a design which incorporates a stepper motor and an electromagnetic brake. The 1.4&8221; (36 mm) frame size actuators can deliver up to 8 Ibs (35.58 N) of thrust and 4.55 oz in (3.212 Ncm) of torque. Constructed with ball bearings, stainless steel lead-screw, and neodymium magnets, these motors are built for exceptional performance and durability. The electromagnetic brake and internal anti-rotation device can stop shaft rotation to deliver smooth linear motion on demand. Once extended or retracted, rotary motion can be resumed. The brake enables the transition between rotary and linear motion by locking a shaft sleeve which acts as an anti-rotation device. When 1 ocked, the shaft sleeve prevents an internal leadscrew from rotating g. The rotary motion is then translated to linear motion through the internal nut and leadscrew. A Hall cell can be incorporated into the motor to monitor the linear travel end-of-stroke position. MS Series actuators are currently available as stepper motors. An AC synchronous version and a brushless DC version for closed loop systems can also be provided. The specifications, performance and reliability are particularly convenient for medical and laboratory analysis devices requiring linear position ing and rotary motion. HSI has a dual motion actuator to meet almost any application requirement.

Haydon Kerk