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Minilec offers Dry Run & Overload Protection Relay will protect motor / pump against hazards of phase failure, unbalance, phase sequence reversal, dry running, overloading. The dry running setting is adjustable and also there is a facility to bypass the undercurrent feature to be used for motor operating on no-load currents. The overload characteristics (2 sec., 5 Sec and 10 Sec) are selectable on the relay and comes with two changeover output relay contacts.
  • Auto/Manual Reset
  • Adjustable current trip settings
  • Test Facility
  • UC Bypass Facility
  • Selectable Overload characteristics
  • 2 CO output Relay
Technical Specifications
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System Voltage:

415/440V AC
± 20%, 45-65 Hz
220-240/380-440V AC

Output Relay Contact:

2 CO

Trip Setting


Phase to Phase Unbalance

50% Motor Current (Fixed)

Under Current (Dry Running)

50% to 80% of set current
(Adj. With Bypass Facility)

Over Load

As per inverse time characteristics

Trip Time Delay


On Phase Failure

4 Sec. ± 1 Sec.

For Overloading

As per inverse Time Characteristics
2/5/10 Sec. (Selectable)


Auto / Manual (Remote by NC Push Button)

Dimensions (mm)
Overall (L x W x D)
Panel Mounting (L x W)

56.5 x 117.5 x 76
35 mm Rail Mounting & Panel Mounting

Approx Weight

400 gms.

Minilec (India) Pvt. Ltd.