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BEM 6 & BEM 12
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Exactly 25 years ago, Suhner began with the development of two precision type drilling units models BEM 6 and BEM 12 with the intension to replace older PB-style drilling units. It all began in the year 1966 with the making of the first self-feed drilling unit type PB 10. All of these units required a flexible drive cable, which was coupled to a multiple drive source with one electric motor. In years to come other drilling units such as models PB 12, PB 10 G and PB 12 G followed based on the same drive concept, a flexible drive cable. This new development at Suhner was mainly driven by increased precision requirements primarily from the automotive industry. A standard direct dive concept with an electric motor and poly-V belt components was utilized to gain application versatility and flexibility. Besides drilling, light duty milling operations were made possible which otherwise could not be done based on torque limitations of a flexible drive cable system. Despite of all these changes, the flexible drive cable system did not loose its justification. In extremely tight working envelopes, a flexible cable driven drilling unit may be an excellent alternative. This is exactly the reason why both BEM 6 and BEM 12 drillings units are also available with a flexible drive cable connection. These units are named BEW 6 and BEW 12 Continuous product improvements make the BEM 6 and BEM 12 drilling units our best sellers. Both units deliver performance, dependability and reliability in the most demanding application situations for years.

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