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Dosing Pumps & Chemical Dosing Systems have the units, which are self contained, ready to operate units, and are only require to be connected to customer's chemical supply line & injection points. These systems are complete with dosing pumps, piping, storage vessels and all instrumentation required for optimum and trouble free operations. These systems are supplied duly mounted on single skid with platform, ladders, etc. as per requirements. Some of the accessories are safety valve, strainer, filter, back pressure regulator, calibration pot, and pulsation dampeners.
  • LP & HP Dosing System
  • Phosphate Dosing System
  • Hydrazine Dosing System
  • Ammonia Dosing System
  • Corrosion inhibitator Dosing System
  • Mercaptan Dosing System
  • BFW Dosing System
  • Sulphuric Acid Dosing System
  • Additive Injection System

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