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Patton Refrigeration India was incorporated in 2007 after acquiring the trading activities of Synergy Business Pvt Ltd. The Indian operations started with supplying Patton’s capital equipment to all leading refrigeration companies and cold room assemblers. On trading side, it sells Synergy brand HVAC and refrigeration controls and THINK brand tools, gauges, manifolds, charging lines, and hinges and latches for cold rooms. The company offers a Digital Vacuum Gauge, VG64. Digital vacuum gauge with resolution as low as 1 micron and 1/2 second response time, the VG64 provides accurate measurements, fast. It makes evacuating a system easy. Accessories: VGC – vacuum gauge coupler, 10475: 9 V AC adapter, and 10740: vinyl case.
  • Vacuum measurements.
  • During system evacuation.
  • High precision laboratory tests.
  • Ultra fine resolution (as low as 1 micron).
  • 1/2 second response time.
  • Auto shut off, built-in hanger and easy access cleaning port.
  • Measures vacuum in 7 international units.
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Patton Refrigeration India Pvt. Ltd.