Differential Pressure Transmitter

Testo India Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)
Differential Pressure Transmitter

Model ID

  • Testo 6321

Product Categories

Product Profile

Testo offers a differential pressure transmitter, Testo 6321 with a good performance for applications in air conditioning and ventilation technology. It has highly accurate measurement and stable over the long-term....

Technical Specifications

  • Measurement of differential pressure in the measuring range of 100 Pa to 2 bar
  • Magnetic valve for automatic zero-point adjustment guarantees high temperature-independent accuracy and long-term stability
  • Accuracy ±1.2 % of measuring range + intrinsic error of 0.3 Pa–valid for zeroing cycle of 60 sec/nominal temperature +22°C
  • P2A software for parameterization, adjustment and analysis, saves time and costs in commissioning & Maintenance
  • Freely scalable: ±50% of measuring range final value and free scalability within the measuring range
  • Diverse analog outputs and measuring ranges
  • Display optional

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