Die Polishing Paste

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Die Polishing Paste is best suitable to achieve very high reflective polishing finish. The particles are very fine and blocky in shape. The particle distribution is very close which allows fine finish. It is non toxic, non hazardous and safe to use and can be manually used as well. Paste are availab...

Speedfam India Pvt Ltd (Manufacturer)

Speedfam (India) Pvt. Ltd. (SFIN) is a member of Obara Group which is listed under Tokyo Stock Exchange. SFIN is a company established in Joint Venture techno-commercial collaboration with Speedfam Co. Ltd., Japan who is a world leader in Flat Surface Lapping and Polishing equipment manufacturing. Speedfam India started manufacturing in Techno-commercial collaboration with SPEEDFAM CO. LTD. Japan in 1990 at Navi Mumbai. Over the years it has established its name as a LEADING FLAT SURFACE LAPPING & POLISHING MACHINES manufacturer, best suited for all the Flat Surface Industrial Applications.