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PTO Shafts
Power Take Off Shafts are basically a Cardan shaft used in agricultural applications considering the environment where they are being used. It is an integral part of transmitting the power developed in a tractor to the agricultural equipment – be it, a pump, rotarvator, pre-harvesting or post harvesting equipments.

We commenced working with COMER SpA of Italy, in 2001 for their range of PTO Shafts creating a market for them, in this country. We have now widened our scope of supply and offer RADAX and REMOC brands to supplement the variety and competitiveness - much needed for this sector.

Although the general demand in India has been for the most popular model – T 60 or T6 (to transmit 47 Kw at 540 rpm), we have successfully introduced other smaller and larger models to suit specific needs (like T20 for 15 Kw & T80 for 70 Kw) and in various lengths. We offer a wide range of choices – COMER, RADAX & REMOC in various models (T2 to T8) and lengths. We have also introduced a new model – T38 using 38 x 102 cross, which is widely gaining popularity. For high speed applications, yokes with 21 splines are also offered.

We study your requirements and offer the exact model of PTO shaft suitable for that particular application – be it torque, speed or length. All our PTO shafts use the triangular lobe tubes which enable easy movement of the yokes whilst in operation. These special profile tubes not only transmit higher torques, but also provide the much needed flexibility.

We stock spares procured from the manufacturers - which offer longer life and easy maintenance of the PTO shafts, supplied by us.

We have been successfully supplying these PTO shafts & spares for the past 10 years to manufacturers, dealers and small time users all over the country, generating trust in our capacity to offer Quality products at competitive prices. We offer 3 basic options – original COMER from Italy, RADAX from China and REMOC from the largest subcontractor to leading European brands (offering the same International Quality at lower prices).


With a reputation for innovation and excellence we are committed to work with our clients to achieve optimum capability by offering proven Mechanical Power Transmission Engineering components for the agricultural industry. We originally started importing Gearboxes for this segment of industry from COMER of Italy for various end uses, like Rotarvator, Post hole digger, manure/compost spreader, etc. With increasing prices from Europe, we also source Gearboxes from reputed manufacturers who are subcontractors to leading European brands/Companies.

We offer an extensive range of gearboxes of unsurpassable quality for various end uses – in the agriculture industry. We offer a range of Gearboxes for use in rotarvators and post hole diggers. The corn harvester gearbox series front axle assembly, are popular due to their sturdy construction and performance. These are precision engineered by leading manufacturers using latest technology.

Loose Gears

With a growing demand for quality gears (both for gear box/equipment manufacturers and end users/replacements) we have entered into an agreement with a leading Chinese manufacturer to offer High quality Gears – consisting of integrated Pinion, Crown Gears/Bevel & Helical Gears.

Our Strengths

In India, market today demands the ability to supply complete solutions for increasingly complex needs in the field of power transmission for the agricultural sector. The complementary nature of the numerous models of gearboxes and P .T .0. shafts, helps users to use technologically proven products for their range of equipments

We also offer: ETP Keyless Bushes, MAV Clamping Units, Trasmil Cardan Shafts, Rotar Universal Joints, StS Metal Bellow / Magnetic / Servo Insert Coupling, Samiflex Elastic Couplings, Hutchinson Poly V-Belts & Ru-steel Flexible couplings.
Sales Pitch
Tradelink Services specializes in offering a large collection of Innovative products in the field of Mechanical Power Transmission. With such a vast range to offer - we can recommend the ideal coupling for your specific applications. The latest addition - SAMIFLEX can be fitted using bore/keyway or Taper bush/QD Bush hubs, including Spacer, Brakewheel, flywheel and floating shaft couplings. SAMIFLEX couplings also conform to ATEX requirements and can be safely used in hazardous areas.

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