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Trisha Engineers offers PVC/PP, ball check valves, spring check valves and swing check valves from ‘ESLON’ of Taiwan, an ISO 9001 company with NSF certifications for many of their products. Ball check valves are available in PVC and PP from ½” to 2” with threaded (BSPF, NPT, PT) or socket (DIN, ANSI, JIS, CNS) ends. Spring type check valves which are economical are available in PVC from ½” to 2” with threaded or socket ends. Swing check valves are available from 2½” to 6” in PVC with threaded, socket or flanged ends and 8” with flanged ends. These valves of high grade thermoplastic are suitable for water and most of the chemicals. They can be used for both horizontal and vertical mounting. Other products from ‘ESLON’ include PVC/PP/CPVC ball valves, butterfly valves, pneumatically or electrically actuated valves, unions, pipes and fittings.

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