Centrifugal Pump Prolac SWFI

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Centrifugal Pump Prolac SWFI complies with the highest hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The operating principle is the one of the centrifugal pumps. Allowing maintaining the water purity in the circuit the pump is completely drainable, the parts of the pump resist the passivatio...

Inoxpa India Private Limited (Manufacturer)

Inoxpa India Private Limited founded in Banyoles (Spain) in 1974. Inoxpa specialized in manufacturing pumps for the food-processing industry. Since then, and with the objective of enhancing the offer, it has introduced new products and extended its range of services. The growth, evolution and development of a large industrial and technological infrastructure have enabled Inoxpa to target other industries, and it currently provides global solutions tailored to the food-processing, wine-making, olive oil and pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Inoxpa is certified for quality regulations system by BVQI. The company have a worldwide sales network, the objective is to remain in close contact with out customers in order to be able to meet their needs by providing expert advice and knowledge by means of the extensive range of products.