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EM BU 40
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Product Profile
Energy Mission Bus Bar Bending, Cutting & Punching Machine unit EM BU 40 is technologically advanced, compact & versatile machine. The machine is designed to cater the requirement of bus bar preparation & almost all operations are included in one machine. This is a highly productive machine suiting to growing demand of industries. The machine is equipped with three different & independent stations for bus bar cutting, bending and punching. All these stations work parallel to contribute high productivity of machine.
Bending Station:
  • The set mode is useful for adjustment & operation mode is meant for regular production jobs.
  • The station can also operate inch cycle & auto cycle for faster productive cycle.
  • Gauge stoppers are available as an optional feature.
Cutting Station:
  • Double shearing of bus bar ensures distortion free cutting finish on edge and robust holding arrangement is providing on machine.
  • Manual blade gap adjustment is also provided for different thickness to ensure better quality of cut.
  • The hardened & grounded HCHCr blade is suitable for various material grades.
Punching Station:
  • Suitable for various sizes of hole punching like round, square & oval shapes and the tools are easy to replace.
  • Its designed with user friendly operation with better control by providing set & operation mode.
  • The station can also operate inch cycle & auto cycle for faster productive cycle.
Technical Specifications
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EM BU 40

Bending Station

Shearing Station

Punching Station


12 mm x 200 mm

12 mm x 200 mm

ø14 mm x 12 mm Thk


14 mm x 200 mm

14 mm x 200 mm

ø16 mm x 14 mm Thk

Steel Plates

10 mm x 200 mm

10 mm x 200 mm

ø14 mm x 10 mm Thk

Motor Power

5 hp (3.7 kw)

Power Supply

415 V, 3ø, 50 Hz

Oil Tank Capacity

75 liters

Overall Dimensions

1800 mm x 1300 mm x 1300 mm


1200 Kg



6 strokes/min

13 strokes/min

Energy Mission Engineers