BEKOMAT 31 U, 32 U, 33 U Condensate Drainage

BEKOMAT 31 U, 32 U, 33 U Condensate Drainage

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BEKOMAT 31 U, 32 U, 33 U Series provides profitable and efficient condensate drainage with an easy-to-maintain basic concept. All the components are coupled via quick connections. This allows for uncomplicated replacement and minimises the expenditure of time during installation and maintenance. In ...

BEKO Compressed Air Technologies Pvt Ltd

Beko started in 1982 in the centre of Düsseldorf, Germany,by Berthold Koch. Beko grew quickly. In 1986 , only four years after the foundation, the move within Düsseldorf into larger premises with the eight employees was on the agenda. Simultaneously, Beko launched the first product besides Bekomat: the ÖWAMAT oil/water separator for the processing of compressed-air condensate. A system which has formed an integral part of the product range right up until today.

Beko Compressed Air Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is certified by ISO 9001:2008. Thw company develop, manufacture and sell good, reliable products and provide the corresponding services. These products and services are designed to optimise machines, plants and systems, resulting in a better performance and greater reliability, in addition to using less energy, reducing pollution, and improving the working conditions for the personnel.