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PLC - 101
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Senjo Seiki Co Ltd’s Automatic Deburring Machine, Model PLC-101, is designed to create highly consistent chamfers on gears and parts of all kinds. Solidly constructed from fabricated steel and high quality components, the machine incorporates an aluminum profile for the safety cover to ensure operator safety. When setting the workpieces, precise positioning is not required. The chamfer size and spindle speed can be easily adjusted. The cutter axis moves forward and backward by simply outlining the shape of the component. The spindle speed of the cutter and work table rotary speed can be adjusted by invertors. As long as the key attributes are similar, any component can be chamfered by the machine. However, some machine settings, such as changing the stylus, changing the vertical position of the cutter axis and so on, may be required. The standard PLC-101 is manually loaded, however, the machine can be modified to incorporate load/unload devices and other types of automation. In addition to the standard machines, the company’s experienced engineering staff has designed and manufactured hundreds of custom-designed PLC chamfering and deburring machines to meet the exact specifications of customer applications. These custom features can include: multiple chamfer cutter heads; conveyor systems; multi-stylus tracing units; brush finishing units; multiple work spindles; and pick and place automation.

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